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Deck Integrity.

Providing peace of mind so you can find peace outside

When was the last time your deck had a check-up?

Causes for concern

Your deck is subject to gradual deterioration of structural materials from water, climate factors, and corrosion of structural fasteners and connectors. This deterioration isn't always visible, causing safety issues you might not even be aware of.


Plus, deck building codes are updated approximately every three years, causing structural materials and numerous deck elements--such as guardrails, handrails, lighting, stairs, and landings--to fail to meet current safety standards.


Who we are

Deck Guardian and Deck Integrity Solutions provides a professional inspection and evaluation of your residential deck, which requires special knowledge, expertise, and experience.

We hold the NADRA Deck Evaluation Certification, meaning the North American Deck and Railing Association--an organization focused on safety--recognizes our safe practices and ongoing education.

1. Inspection

Our NADRA-certified inspector scrutinizes every part of your deck for saftey concerns.

2. Evaluation


We compare your deck with a list of ever-changing industry regulations and create a report for you to keep.

3. Empowerment

With this information, you can choose a contractor with confidence knowing exactly what you need to have done to make your deck safe.

What to expect

The deck in this video could have been up to code when it was built.

Are you sure your deck is up to code now?

What to expect


We have different pricing levels for single homes and townhomes. We also offer discounts for multiple deck inspections in one neighborhood. You can find out more about our pricing and book online here
Townhomes (two hours): $199
Single homes (three hours): $249


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